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EASYDIVE, an Innovative, Easy to Use and Low-Cost Diving Solution

EAZYDIVE is a low-pressure diving system that includes a tank (12 bars) and a regulator. These are housed in a specific backpack, allowing boaters to make short shallow dives under their boat or to the bottom. It is a unique innovation, the result of three years of technological development.

The normal diving cylinders in use today are high pressure (generally 200 bars), to allow for longer and deeper dives. However, this type of equipment is expensive not only to manufacture, but also to carry out the mandatory periodic re- tests and to refill, which must be done using a special high-pressure compressor.

Some users do not need this "over-quality". They just want to make a short, shallow dive. This is the case for most boaters who have a small job to do under the hull of their boat or on their mooring line. This is where the idea of this innovation came from. It is a low-pressure diving tank (< 12 bars), lighter, more compact (tank and regulator are integrated in a bag). Refilling is done like you would inflate a tyre.

Innovation of the EAZYDIVE Hookah:

People have been scuba diving with a hookah has been for a long time. In all current equipment, the hose is connected directly to the regulator. With the EAZYDIVE hookah, the hose can also optionally be connected to the cylinder. Thus, if the air supply from the surface were to stop due to a hose rupture or compressor failure, the diver can slowly rise to the surface on the tank air, which acts as a safety.

Key Advantages of the EAZYDIVE diving set:

·        Stainless steel bottle. Equipped with pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and shut-off valve.

·        Autonomy: 60 minutes (with hookah).

·        Not subject to the constraints and re-tests of ordinary high pressure diving cylinders.

·        Not very bulky. The compressor and the hookah can be slipped into a locker on the boat and put into operation in a few minutes.

·        Zero weight in the water, with an additional 8 kg ballast.

The Cheapest Scuba Diving Kit on The Market

Scuba Diving: Duration 5 minutes

The basic EAZYDIVE rrp €419

Hookah Diving: Duration 60 minutes
With or without the tank

The full EAZYDIVE set (the compressor and the hookah) rrp €915

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