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Coast Guard prepares for Hurricane Dorian impacts in North Carolina and Virginia

Dorian Photos

The Coast Guard continues to monitor the progress of Hurricane Dorian as it impacts the East Coast, Thursday.

  • There are two shallow water rescue boat teams staged in North Carolina awaiting safe operational conditions before beginning search-and-rescue operations. The teams are comprised of 16 people using 6 boats.
  • Coast Guard search-and-rescue aircraft remain staged in Elizabeth City, awaiting safe operational conditions before beginning rescue missions.
  • Other Coast Guard units, including small boat stations, are staged and awaiting safe operational conditions to begin search and rescue throughout North Carolina and Hampton Roads.

“Safety is our primary concern as Dorian begins to head in our direction,” said Capt. Bion Stewart, commander for Coast Guard Sector North Carolina. “Stay off the water as our ability to respond during the height of storm will be degraded and rescue efforts may be delayed."

“If you find yourself in a flooded area, please stay out of the water as currents and depths can be unpredictable. We ask that the public call 911 for all life-threatening emergencies.”

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