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Coast Guard to establish security zones for LA Fleet Week

LA Fleet Week Security Zone

The Coast Guard is scheduled to establish temporary safety and security zones in the Port of Los Angeles, which begin Wednesday and end Monday, to provide for the safety and security of Fleet Week participants and spectators.

The Captain of the Port is enforcing a security zone in the Port of Los Angeles main channel. The security zone will encompass all navigable waters from the surface to the sea floor. During the enforcement period, vessels are prohibited from entering into, transiting through, or remaining within the security zone unless authorized by the Captain of the Port or her designated representative. Enforcement of the zone will be advertised via Broadcast Notice to Mariners.

LA Fleet Week Safety Zone

An illustration of the safety zone established for the 2018 Los Angeles Fleet Week that will be enforced during the loading and transit of pyrotechnics Aug. 31, 2018. The Captain of the Port establishes security and safety zones during high-profile events to minimize hazards to port operations. U.S. Coast Guard illustration.


In addition to the security zone, the Captain of the Port is enforcing the Pacific Area Naval Vessel Protection Zone (NVPZ) within the Port of Los Angeles entrance and main channel from Wednesday to Monday. This NVPZ will encompass all navigable waters from the surface to the sea floor within a 100-yard radius of U.S naval vessels (greater than 100 feet in length) which are underway, anchored, or moored within the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. In addition, vessels shall operate at minimum safe speed within a 200-yard radius of U.S. naval vessels (greater than 100 feet in length). U.S. naval vessels are defined as any vessel owned, operated, chartered, or leased by the U.S. Navy.


A temporary safety zone will be established from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday around the fireworks launch vessel, John Henry, within a 100-foot radius during the loading of the pyrotechnics at Los Angeles berth 240, and during the transit of the fireworks barge from Los Angeles berth 240 to the fireworks launch site in the vicinity of Los Angeles berth 87. The temporary safety zone will then increase to 600 feet 15 minutes prior to, and for the duration of the fireworks display, expected to commence at 10:00 p.m. and last approximately 20 minutes.


“The safety of Fleet Week participants and spectators is a top priority for the Coast Guard,” said Cmdr. Marshall Newberry, the Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach chief of prevention. “The established security zone will protect our naval assets and will provide for a beneficial opportunity to work alongside the Coast Guard's partner agencies to keep the people of Los Angeles safe.”


Entering or operating in the security zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Captain of the Port of Los Angeles. Persons desiring to transit the security zone must first obtain authorization from the COTP or her designated representative. To seek permission to transit the area, call 310-521-3801 or use marine-band radio via VHF-FM channel 16.

More information can be found in the local notice to mariners by contacting the Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach command duty officer through VHF channel 16 or by dialing 310-521-3801.


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