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RYA iBooks take eBooks to the next level

It’s an exciting new era as RYA iBooks accelerate growth in the iBook Store!


The conversion of a range of RYA eBooks into iBooks has improved the availability, accessibility and convenience of the RYA’s eBook titles. 

Reflowable text, search options, book-marking and enhanced digital content are just some of the fantastic features that the new RYA iBooks offer.


There are currently 29 new iBook titles available, with more being added all the time. And with sales doubling month on month, RYA iBooks are fast becoming a highly popular reading platform.


It is yet another strong indicator of healthy growth of RYA digital publications across the board, with sales of eBooks and course ePacks rising in 2016-17 by an amazing 53%.


Reasons for growth


The acceleration of eBook sales in general could be attributed to the following factors:


·         Technology advancements – digital technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, with devices becoming much more intuitive and easier for people to use. This has widened the appeal of reading in digital form across all age groups.   

·         Increased availability – there are now more ways than ever to purchase your eBooks and course material. They are now available for download through the RYA Books App; iOS, Android and Windows; any online web browser; plus Apple’s iBooks app.

·         Improved presentation – much work has gone into enhancing RYA eBooks and course material (where possible) with animation, videos and interactive tools to help illustrate the key learning points.

·         Convenience – flexible learning means you can work at your own pace, from your home, your boat, or wherever you are in the world and keeps it readily available on your device to refer back to a later date.


Bringing RYA content to life in digital format has always been a key goal for the Publications team from the start. The venture into iBooks allows the RYA to use Apple’s tools to maximum effect, creating a modern and slick product.


RYA Publications e-book editor Sarah Pavey said, “Every enhancement we have made has a specific purpose. So, you'll see great examples of our interactive content in areas such as seamanship, boat handling, passage planning, windsurfing, knots and stability.


The top 5 RYA eBook titles

1 VHF Handbook (E-G31) 

2 Navigation Handbook (E-G6)

3 Yachtmaster Handbook (E-G70)

4 Competent Crew Handbook (E-CCPCN)

5 Day Skipper Shore Based Notes (E-DSN)


RYA eBooks have been sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Though relatively new to the market, RYA iBooks appear to be following suit with digital downloads in 20 countries overseas (mainly UK and Europe) but also in the USA, Asia, Australia, and South America. 


Top 5 countries for eBook sales:

1 UK

2 Australia

3 South Africa

4 US

5 Germany


Most popular platform

iOS is currently the most popular viewing platform for RYA eBooks with 87% of the market share.


RYA Publications Manager Steen Ingerslev said, “eBooks have really taken off in the last decade, and we are seeing more boaters than ever before turning to our digital learning resources to achieve their personal and professional goals. Adding iBooks to our fantastic range of platforms is yet another positive move for us, and as ever, the RYA will be constantly pushing the boundaries to stay one step ahead.”


For more information, see below:


·         Click here for the RYA Books App

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·         For the full selection, visit the RYA shop.

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