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Dear Friends --

I have started a brand new venture with Carolyn Shearlock (
The Boat Galley) and Nica Waters (Women Who Sail - US), two women who enjoy sailing and encouraging others to get out on the water as much as I do. Each of us are creating short (5 to 15 minute) podcasts on a broad range of cruising topics to encourage folks who are new to cruising and help those who are already out there.

Every two weeks, I will have a new episode airing. I will let you know by sending out a newsletter or adding a note on Facebook. Nica and Carolyn have already put up more than 50 podcasts for your pleasure and are adding more each week and I know many of you will enjoy their podcasts too, so if you would like to know each time a new podcast goes up, just subscribe to "The Boat Galley" in your podcast app.

David and Charlie aboard Sahula


Over the past few months I have had a wonderful time cruising to new destinations (and been reminded how much I missed being afloat.) I joined David Haigh and Charlie Priestly on board Sahula, a 40 foot Van de Stadt cutter, for a voyage to Fiordland at the far south of New Zealand.



We are now headed north back to my homebase at Kawau Island and once we sail the last 250 miles will have circumnavigated this long lean country. Sailing on David’s boat is a very different experience. So is Podcasting  I am enjoying both and learning a lot along the way. I look forward to sharing more of my cruising experiences, with you.


P.S. Here are my first two podcast episodes --

On Watch

Being on watch at sea can be calm and collected, spiced with adrenaline-pumping frights, and filled with busy activity. Listen as Lin Pardey shares on-watch moments that encompass all these moods. [More] On Watch

The Things You’ll Miss

The decision to trade one thing for another is the subject of Lin Pardey's first podcast, and as always she has great insight on the decisions you have to make. [More] The Things You’ll Miss



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