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The Perfect Water Consumption Monitoring System for Boaters and Motorhome Owners

Topargee RV Levelling Systems has just released their new H2F-FM water tank gauge. The new model has a larger and now backlit screen. 

The gauge differs from conventional water tank gauges as it actually measures and displays how many usable litres/gallons remain in your tank.  This is achieved by first filling the water tank, then using it as usual until empty, and then the precise number of usable litres/gallons will be known.  This figure is then programmed into the H2Flow which will measure every litre/gallon that flows out of the tank and calculate the amount remaining.  The LCD screen will display the number of litres/gallons left in the tank every time a tap is used or the unit Display button is pressed, so you will never be left unsure.

Whenever you refill the water tank all you need to do is press the reset button and the gauge will revert to the original quantity set.

The H2Flow can help travellers plan ahead for their journeys by enabling them to check the average number of litres/gallons used each day. You can also check how many litres/gallons each person uses in the shower!  Travellers can then calculate how many days they will get out of one tank or if they are already on their journey, look at the remaining litres/gallons to determine how many days supply is available.  This is a valuable safety feature, especially if boondocking in remote areas as you will know if you need to conserve water or will safely make it to your next destination.  It is also a handy way of ensuring you won’t run out of water mid-shower!   

Another advantage is that nothing is fitted to the tank.  The sender unit is fitted in the hose line, just after the pump.  This removes the problem of having to remove the tank, drill holes, remove filings, seal sender holes, ongoing cleaning/maintenance, etcAnother advantage is that if you have multiple tanks or add more tanks at any stage you can simply change the programmed amount to suit your new capacity.

Two models are available the new H2F-FM is 12v and the H2F-SM where there is no need to connect to a 12v electrical system as the unit lasts up to 2 years on AA batteries. The LCD screen even displays a symbol and emits a warning buzzer when the batteries are running low.

The H2Flow simply couldn’t be easier to use. Since releasing the product, feedback has been very positive with comments like, “it’s great knowing how many litres I have left” or “how many days supply are available”, “We are able to free camp longer with confidence”, “Received it today, fitted it today, works great!”, “it was cheaper and easier to fit this than repair my old gauge”

For more details on the H2Flow Water Tank Gauges visit

In the UK, the H2Flow Water Tank Gauges are available from Storrar Marine Chandlery

“My wife and I have now had the opportunity to use the gauge and test it out during a two month trip, and I must say we are very satisfied.  We quickly determined how much water the washing machine required for a load, how much was consumed for a shower, doing dishes etc. etc.  When dry-camping, this has become an invaluable tool… We just want to let you know that we are extremely happy customers.

Odd Friis

“This is just a quick note to thank you for the Topargee tank gauge which you delivered promptly to me in the UK. It’s installed and functioning perfectly and I’m delighted. In fact I even discovered my onboard tank was closer to 500 litres rather than the 450 I’d been led to believe. This device has made managing my water resources a much more informed process and I wish I’d installed it when I first bought the motorhome. No more running out at critical times! Having confidence in water measurement seems even more important when one is full-timing in an RV.”




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