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Navpod’s New Powerpods Now Available in a Sleek Black Carbon-Fiber Finish

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Durable and Reliable Enclosures Designed to Match High-Tech Equipment

Ocean Equipment Gen3-Logo-Rounded_2 LR PRG NavPod, manufacturer of high-quality waterproof housings for marine electronics, announced today that its PowerPods are now available in a black carbon finish. Constructed out of durable ABS thermoplastic polymer – like the popular high-gloss white Gen3 PowerPods – the new Carbon Series models sport a sleek, high-gloss carbon-fiber finish and are ideally suited for inland boating and modern cruisers.

Designed to resist impacts, vibration and moisture ingress, PowerPods are crafted with a thick gauge, UV-stable acrylic capped ABS material and are built specifically with structural rigidity in mind. All NavPods are manufactured with a double gasket system for an excellent watertight seal to keep spray and salt off electrical connections, and ensure the reliability and longevity of marine electronics. PowerPods design makes it easy to have the electronics serviced without degrading the enclosure’s waterproof capabilities. The units are installed with nickel chrome-plated stainless steel tamperproof screws that give owners peace of mind when a vessel is left unattended at the dock.

Sturdy and secure, yet clean and attractive, PowerPods position a fishfinder or chartplotter at an ideal 20-degree viewing angle and provide the clean look of flush mounting with the advantages of a swivel base. Electronics are easily mounted into the pre-cut face of the NavPod. The swivel tube is offered in two sizes: a large 1.8-inch opening and 1.1-inch on smaller models. NavPod’s PowerPods provide protection to the back of the electronics from water intrusions and help to conceal the wires and connectors from UV exposure or damage from snagging and ripping connectors out of their sockets.

“Our PowerPods are a very popular addition to all types of boats,” said Rob Walsh, president and owner, Ocean Equipment. “As many boats move to a darker gel-coat and modern look, we chose to give our customers the option of adding a sleek carbon-fiber finish to our PowerPods. They not only protect owners’ electronics investment, they enhance the overall aesthetics of the vessel. Whatever your boating style, there is a PowerPod for you!”

NavPods are available in pre-cut models compatible with 7-, 9- and 12-inch LCD displays from all major marine electronic manufacturers. NavPod backs up their commitment to quality by offering a 10-year warranty on all Gen3 NavPods. PowerPods can be purchased through a nationwide network of marine electronics dealers, national retailers and wholesale distributors. For more information on the Carbon Series PowerPods, NavPod or its full product line, please visit


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