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World Sailing presents a sustainable future for the sport at the 2016 Annual Conference

At today's Sustainability Forum at the 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain, World Sailing CEO Andy Hunt presented the world governing body's sustainability strategy to delegates and an online audience on YouTube.

The sustainability strategy will define World Sailing's approach across three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social and will support the new vision and mission, released on 4 October, which can be encapsulated in a simple message: sport, technology and nature in powerful harmony.
The Sustainability Strategy is available to download below:

On the release of World Sailing's sustainability strategy Andy Hunt commented, "Sailing has a unique relationship between sport, technology and the forces of nature. Sailors have an opportunity to be guardians of the oceans and waters of the world.
"In order to achieve this we needed to develop a clear strategy for World Sailing and all the sport's stakeholders. This sustainability strategy identifies risks and opportunities within our sport at the moment and outlines clear common, shared objectives.”
Carlo Croce, President of World Sailing, commented, "Working with our stakeholders, World Sailing's programmes and projects will aim to be the catalyst for positive change. Over the coming months and years, we will strive to amplify what's been achieved across sailing and become a leader in global sustainability initiatives in world sport.”
World Sailing's Sustainability Strategy will ensure that World Sailing, its members and partners have a framework that delivers fact based tangible benefit across the three pillars of sustainability – environmentally, social and economically.
Following the identification of risks and opportunities, eight objectives to drive the strategy have been set. These include:

  1. Protect and enhance sailing's waters and the wider water environment
  2. Promote research into the impact of sailing on the environment
  3. Encourage a robust approach to sustainability across the sports and its supporting affiliated industries
  4. Minimise World Sailing's carbon footprint and promote resource efficiency across the Sport
  5. Create a sound economic base for World Sailing and the Sport
  6. Provide and promote safe and collaborative working environments
  7. Develop diverse and inclusive operations, promoting sailing in an open and accessible way to increase participation
  8. Communicate the benefits and importance of sustainability and facilitate stakeholder engagement in the delivery of this strategy 

In order to achieve the objectives World Sailing will establish a Sustainability Commission (subject to World Sailing Council approval), appoint a Sustainability Officer to work out of the Executive Office, work in partnership with stakeholders and set programmes and projects to address the issues.
The programme and projects, which are outlined in the strategy document in full, include:

  1. Develop, implement and attain certification under ISO 20121 for World Sailing Sustainability Management System (SMS)
  2. Delivering sustainability through events
  3. Develop and introduce a World Sailing Sustainable Venue Standard
  4. Develop World Sailing Technical sustainability standard for use in all World Sailing procurement and promote its adoption across the sailing industry
  5. Increase awareness through provision of tailored training programmes on various aspects of sustainability to all partner organisations
  6. Support the sailing community to engage more in sustainability matters and encourage their adoption of the World Sailing Sustainability Vision through partnership with MNAs, Class Associations and event operators
  7. Design robust informatics structure and appropriate data capture procedures to record, track and report on progress 
  8. The release of World Sailing's sustainability strategy kick started proceedings at the Sustainability Forum, an open event for delegates in attendance at the 2016 Annual Conference.

The Forum is live on World Sailing's YouTube channel now until 18:00 local time, 17:00 UTC here - The Forum will be available to watch back in full after its conclusion.
Keynote speeches are being delivered by Jill Savery (CEO at Bristlecone Strategies), Susie Thomson (Sustainability Manager Team BAR), Anne-Cecile Turner (Director Blueshift) and Julia Palle (Sustainability Manager Formule E).

By Daniel Smith - World Sailing


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