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How a Steel Building Can Protect Your Boat

The focus of our love for boating is centered around the time we get to spend on board. But those long days, weeks, and months when we're ashore are also very important to our watercraft.

What we're talking about here is good boat storage. The way that your boat gets tucked in for the night (or the weekend, or the winter...) has a big influence on the condition it's in when you next decide to launch it. Proper storage can be the difference between a pleasurable return to the water and an expensive, frustrating catastrophe.

While you probably have a fitted cover to go over your boat, that it isn't always enough. The limited protection afforded by even the best such covers is not enough to handle some of the most disruptive and destructive forces your boat will face.

In terms of quality protection of your boat, nothing can compare to the performance of a steel building. Before you assume it's too expensive, you should learn a little more about the cost of steel buildings and then consider some of these important points of value for your boat.

Storm Protection

It seems ironic that a vehicle designed for use in the water can be damaged by water, but rainfall and the associated wind, hail, and lightning--to say nothing of snow, ice, and sleet--can prove very damaging to watercraft. A trailered boat parked outside your home is only nominally protected by its cover. It's much more beneficial to get the boat under roof in a storm-rated structure, especially in the hurricane-prone areas of the country.

That's what brings you to a steel building. Many people have home garages or other structures that are big enough for a boat, but in most cases, it takes a steel structure to have enough clear-span space inside for a boat.

Theft Protection

Although a boat is a single item, it is built out of countless parts. Many of these various components are valuable to thieves, who can easily access your boat if it's parked outside. To make matters worse, a boat cover can actually make this problem worse because the thief can replace the cover after stealing from inside the cabin, delaying your detection of the theft. And of course, a boat stored outdoors is always a target to be simply hooked up and pulled away.

There are some good things you can do to prevent theft. Steel buildings are secure and very difficult to gain access to. The enemy of a criminal is time; the longer it takes to access a valuable, the more likely it is that the thief gives up and goes elsewhere in search of an easier target. Steel buildings are slower, noisier, and more difficult to break into than wooden structures and far superior to having no structure at all.

Preventive Maintenance

Many boaters find themselves limping back to the dock at the end of the season's final voyage, nursing along with a malfunctioning motor or with some other mechanical issue. Once it's trailered and covered back home, it's easy to delay repairs because it will be too cold, too rainy, or too dark to do the repairs. Then spring arrives and the boat isn't ready.

With a steel building to store the boat, you can get inside under almost any conditions and get things ship-shape for the next expedition. If something must be left disassembled overnight, the parts are secure and dry when work resumes. It's also easier to do routine maintenance that could prevent costly breakdowns later on.

A boat is an investment in recreation or even in your career. It's tempting to go with the least expensive alternative for the things you need on shore so that you can free up money to use out on the water. But protecting that investment is an investment all its own, and a steel building is always a good one.



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