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  Ocean Racing® Brings Scrubbis™ Hull Cleaners to U.S. Market 

Leading Accessories Manufacturer Named Exclusive Distributor for Innovative Swedish Cleaning Products

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Ocean Racing Logo (placeholder) Ocean Racing®, a leading manufacturer of polarized sunglasses and waterproof sailing luggage, announced today that it has been appointed the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Swedish Scrubbis™ line of hull cleaning tools.

Scrubbis is a simple and environmentally friendly device that assists owners in the management of boat hull maintenance. The patented Scrubbis cleaner makes it easy to efficiently remove algae and marine growth from a boat, while still acting gently on the hull. Manufactured by Swedish company Scrubbis AB, the tool is comprised of a unique scrubbing head at the end of a special handle that is used to clean away soft fouling from the bottom of a hull, while the boat is still in the water. The specifically designed cleaning head is buoyant and a boater only needs to steer the head while the 4.4 pounds of buoyancy keeps the device pressed against the surface of the hull. Scrubbis’ flexible flanges follow the shape of the hull with minimal effort and nibs on the head provide effective cleaning action.

“The Scrubbis hull cleaner is an elegant design that makes the challenging and often messy task of scrubbing your boat a snap,” said Ed Kriese, president, Ocean Racing. “It is simple to use, very effective and can be added to your toolkit at a price you can’t beat. We’re excited to bring this innovative product to the U.S. market.”

Measuring just under 16 inches (40 centimeters) wide, the cleaning head has a diameter of 3.75 inches (9.5 centimeters). It attaches to a pole that extends from 44.5 inches (113 centimeters) to 126 inches (320 centimeters).

Pricing and Availability:
Available for purchase directly from, the Scrubbis hull cleaner retails for $109.95. Dealer and distributor pricing is also available. For more information on Ocean Racing or its complete range of product lines, please contact 313-680-6844 or visit



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