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Deployment of Fish Tag Detectors in Galway Bay


Description: Department of Transport - An Roinn Iompair    

Notice to all Shipowners, Fishing Vessel Owners, Agents, Shipmasters, Skippers, Fishermen, Yachtsmen and Seafarers


The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) and SmartBay Ireland will be carrying out the deployment of an underwater array of fish tag detectors in Galway Bay as outlined in Foreshore Licence FS6536. The deployment operations for the array will take place between Spiddal and Blackhead and in the Corrib and Dunkellin estuaries which are part of Galway Bay. The acoustic array consists of 19 individual receivers as shown by the red markers on the Chart below; the coordinates for the work are shown in the table below.


Deployment operations will be carried out by MV “Tarrea Queen”, (call sign EIAC3) and will take place from 3rd – 17th March 2016. Subject to weather conditions, the operations may extend an additional two weeks following this planned period.































53° 13'.641793  N

09° 16'.077350  W


53° 14'.380455  N

09° 16'.125241  W


53° 14'.028135  N

09° 16'.098649  W


53° 13'.204967  N

09° 16'.037500  W


53° 12'.778353  N

09° 16'.000660  W


53° 12'.351662  N

09° 15'.971016  W


53° 11'.915344  N

09° 15'.933916  W


53° 11'.478988  N

09° 15'.900419  W


53° 11'.049723  N

09° 15'.859066  W


53° 10'.608514  N

09° 15'.825453  W


53° 10'.186623  N

09° 15'.800496  W


53° 09'.808965  N

09° 15'.773257  W


53° 09'.458757  N

09° 15'.750421  W


53° 16'.211541  N

09° 03'.327013  W


53° 16'.017420  N

09° 02'.779980  W


53° 15'.163308  N

09° 03'.100746  W


53° 12'.829513  N

08° 52'.326993  W


53° 12'.673730  N

08° 54'.419049  W


53° 11'.935250  N

08° 58'.959927  W


Each mooring/receiver will be marked with a subsurface buoy at a depth of >8m to avoid any potential fouling with any craft. All moorings and associated infrastructure will be removed following the completion of the study. Consultation with fishermen was carried out during the Foreshore Licence process to ensure that equipment was not deployed in areas utilised by commercial fishermen.


All units will be clearly marked with IFI logos and numbered so that any unintentional retrieval can be notified to IFI through the contact details provided.

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