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Three South Pacific Programs for 2016!


Since 2013, our Floating Health Care Clinics, staffed with international health care volunteers, have provided free dental, medical and eye care to over 11,500 people. They live on the hundreds of inhabited remote islands in Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu.

Our First Response Fleet has sailed into harm's way to deliver food, supplies, shelter and medical care to devastated remote islands following Cyclone Ian (Tonga) and Pam (Vanuatu). This year we are adding a new agriculture and economic development program called the Global Mercy Armada (see below) that provides another incredible volunteer experience for those who love the South Pacific.  Join us in 2016!


Join the Mercy Armada!

If you love adventure and helping people, then join us for a week (or more) on the remote island of Tuvuca. You will be helping the local islanders implement the much needed Global Mercy Armada agriculture and economic development programs. These programs are designed to return them to self-sustaining and thriving communities. It will be the best "working vacation" you've ever had. Read More


Join A Team In 2016!

Below are the online volunteer registration links for each program:

Floating Health Care Clinic - Volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses, PA's and pharmacists (including spouses) to join one of ten 2-week rotations sailing to the remote islands of Tonga and Fiji. Rotations are available from April through October of 2016.

Global Mercy Armada - Volunteers with experience in farming, constructions, medical, water, and cooking are needed to join one (or more) of seven land based 1-week rotations from June 8th through July 27th. Volunteers will assist in the implementation of remote island agriculture and economic development programs.

First Response Fleet - Volunteer vessels (private yachts) who are interested in joining our disaster response and recovery reserve fleet to assist devastated island nations following a natural disaster.

As you can see there are plenty of vessel and land based volunteer opportunities available to both health care and non-health care related professionals. Come sail and serve with us as we continue to help make a difference for the "at risk" people living on the remote islands of the South Pacific. Please share this email with co-workers, friends, and those who might enjoy joining you on this incredible adventure.


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