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FUSION introduces the MS-BB100 black-box audio system and compact RA70 marine stereo.

MS-BB100 black-box

The MS-BB100 black-box offers FUSION-Link plug and play compatibility with leading MFDs as well as support for Apple and Android Open Accessory audio playback in a compact package. The MS-BB100 also provides two independent audio zones controllable through FUSION-Link connected MFDs, the FUSION remote app or an MS-NRX200i wired remote.

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Featuring support for Apple® and Android Open Accessory (AOA) audio playback, as well as USB/AUX connection options, the MS-BB100 offers support of the world’s most popular media devices. The MS-BB100 also features a Bluetooth module, embedded in the included wired remote, that provides an easy to mount solution for clear Bluetooth audio streaming and ensures Bluetooth reception is never compromised when the BB100 is mounted out of sight. The remote includes functionality for quick pairing of devices, song skip and volume adjustment. The FUSION MS-BB100 provides two independent audio zones, each with their own volume control options. Boaters can adjust each zone independently or globally from any connected FUSION-Link MFD, MS-NRX200i wired remote or the FUSION-Link Bluetooth remote app for Apple or Android.

RA70 marine stereo

Designed to save space on busy helms, the RA70 offers audio streaming access to Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music through compatible devices. This Multi-Zone™ technology also includes naming zones, linking of zone 1 and 2 together, or setting volume limits. An additional line out and sub out are included and linked to Zone 1 for the optional inclusion of an amplified speaker set or subwoofer, with sub filter and sub level controls enabled in Zone 1.

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With Bluetooth audio streaming, users can stream music from any compatible device to the MS-RA70. Boaters can enjoy audio apps such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music with the ability to skip tracks and adjust volume from both the stereo face and the connected device. The FUSION-Link Bluetooth remote app for Android and Apple devices is compatible with the MS-RA70 and allows the user to navigate available sources and browse music collections from compatible USB flash drives, as well as adjust zone volume control from a smartphone or tablet. Mobile devices can be charged via the USB connector located at the rear of the unit or include a FUSION MS-CBUSB3.5 panel-mount auxiliary connector for quick access to the USB socket.


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