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How to Tour the Coast of the US by Boat

Have you ever seen the sunrise over the ebb and flow of gentle waves? The Gulf of Mexico is among many perfect destinations to begin or end a boat trip. A tour of the coastal United States will provide you will adventure, and enough relaxation to help you forget your troubles and embrace life’s simple pleasures.

Imagine it: beautiful weather, pristine sunsets (and sunrises), and it’s not as costly as you may think. A coastal tour of the United States is an amazing vacation, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Isn’t it time you took the boat out? Keep reading to find out how possible it is to tour the beautiful coast. 

Best Boats for an Amazing Trip

Touring the coast is a dramatic undertaking, which is why you’ll need to be prepared. The first thing on your list is a safe boat. There are many types of boats that are perfect for a coastal trip, including the Ericson 38.

The performance cruiser was originally manufactured in the 1990s, and has many variations available to meet your specific needs. Another option is the Islander 36. This boat was designed to be both fast and comfortable for family travel. Then there is the Catalina 38. This boat was also built for speed and comfort, and it also has a fully equipped luxury galley. These are just a few of the many awesome boats you could consider. They are all high quality machines, and offered at reasonable prices, although you may still require a boat loan to acquire it. Look for loan providers that offer same day approval, and low fixed rates.

You’ll also need insurance, enough supplies to keep you safe in the event of a disaster, and a radio to call for help. recommends that you look into the safety laws for any international waters you may enter, and that children wear their lifejackets at all times.

Must See Vacation Destinations

Now that you’ve got your boat and supplies, you’ll need to map out your destinations. Yachting Magazine recommends these locations along the US coastline:

  • Hampton, Virginia: features shops nearby to the marinas and no boating tax
  • Seattle, Washington: perfect sailing weather and an incredible inland cultural experience
  • St Petersburg, Florida: which features an infrastructure designed for boat servicing, amazing weather and scenery, and water suitable for any activity
  • San Francisco, California: beautiful water and gorgeous weather (head south to Southern California)
  • Destin, Florida: Gulf coast fun for everyone, including dockside watersports

Cross it off your Bucket list

A trip around the US coastline is a trip that is on many people’s bucket lists, but only a select few actually have the opportunity to successfully cross it off that list. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones who is able to enjoy such an excursion then you need to take advantage of it while you can. If you are inexperienced at sailing then you should always do your research and see what tips you can find, to ensure an amazing trip. You should also use travel resource sites to learn what activities are available at each of your destinations. Using these resources will keep you safer and allow you make sure that you do not miss out on all the fun each destination has to offer.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

You have worked hard every day of your life so that you would be able to enjoy a trip like this. So the most important thing is to make it your own and have fun. You want to enjoy every second of it. Stop at all the places that interest you, experience different cultures, try new foods, explore new activities, and enjoy the gorgeous views. This type of trip is a dream come true, so don’t let a second of it go to waste. 


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