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w1Da 33 OOD Ocean One Design Racing and Cruising Sailing Yacht,
the first Renewable Energy Production Yacht

W1Da Experience Limited, a private company based in Mayo in the West of Ireland, announces the UK Debut of the new w1Da 33 Ocean One Design Racing and Cruising Sailing Yacht, the first Renewable Energy Production Racing and Cruising Yacht.


The w1Da 33OOD is the first Renewable Energy Production Racing and Cruising Yacht which enables both racing and cruising sailors to have maximum fun, minimum hassle and zero emissions.


The w1Da 3300D is an environmentally  friendly yacht that can operate entirely on its own wind, solar and waterbased energy generation that produces no damaging emissions, yet enables safe long distance sailing, motoring (more than ten hours and extendable) without noise, and a comfortable cruising with domestic kitchen and bathroom, offering comforts few cruising boats can offer.  


The w1Da 33OOD will meet the EU RCD Category A Ocean regulation and presents the most environmentally  friendly way to maximise the fun of sailing, minimise the hassle of maintenance, noise, costly moorings and transportation, and is the first production boat with zero emissions, thanks to its renewable energy generation, storage and drive systems.


For yacht racing beginners and experts, the w1Da 33 OOD enables close IRC and One Design racing, through the use of modern carbon fibre spars, lightweight laminate sails and a race-­‐ optimised keel that can fully retract and features a builtin shockabsorber to protect the yacht. The retracting keel, rudders and motor enable easier and safer mooring and transportation.  For the cruising sailor the w1Da 33 OOD provides swift, stable and comfortable cruising in the scenic coasts and harbours that most other yachts simply cannot reach.


w1Da 3300D sailors can enjoy:

    Safe sailing, thanks to its strong advanced epoxy laminate hull (that floats even when holed), its strong and lightweight carbon fibre spars and laminate sails, and its carbon bowsprit that enables racers and even the White Sails fleet to enjoy the fun of asymmetric spinnakers.

    No Noisemotoring when the wind dies: Zero Range Fear  

No longer: Engine on, conversation off”. Enjoy the quiet harbours and anchorages without disturbing the wildlife and fellow yachts, thanks to w1Da’s Energy regeneration, storage and consumption Control Systems that offer a range of more than ten hours, and can be augmented and quickly replenished if needed. W1Da 33 OOD’s solar, wind and water generators are always on, and have fewer than ten moving parts.

    Less risk of damage or injury from grounding. The w1Da 33 OOD’s raceoptimised keel provides minimum drag for racing whilst featuring a patentpending internal “shock absorber” that can prevent keel damage if the yacht strikes the seabed or an underwater object. The keel can safely retract and absorb most grounding without damage.

    Access to the most scenic coasts and harbours in Ireland and the UK. Its fully retractable keel, electric motor and rudders enable the w1Da 300 OOD to be launched sit flat, stable and upright on sand, and shingle, and recovered using a standard slipway or ramp, onto its unique custombuilt corrosionminimised alloy trailer and towed behind a standard 4x4 or similar car, by its owners. On its trailer, the w1Da 33 OOD meets standard road regulations like a horsebox or caravan. No special permits are needed for transportation therefore no longer are yacht owners restricted to sail within twenty miles of their mooring or marina. Without the need to take weeks off work, months of planning or huge costs to employ delivery skippers the owners of w1Da 33 OOD will be able to easily travel to the most enjoyable coastlines, regattas and rallies across Ireland and the UK.

    More fun with their friends and family with other w1Da sailors, thanks to an owner-­‐ run class association, with events, rallies and regattas across the UK and Ireland and continental Europe, from 2016.

    Modern domestic comforts provided by a kitchen as good as the one you have at home, with fan oven, induction hob, and a decent sized proper fridge. The bathroom is odour-­‐ free with comfortable domestic-­‐ sized toilet and a hot shower.  The w1Da 3300D shows that race boats no longer have to be wet and uncomfortable (like damp camping); and cruiser boats need not be heavy and slow.

    The best care, support and transportation  that your yacht deserves, the w1Da team offer you the most comprehensive maintenance, support and storage services in the UK and Ireland. Owners taking advantage of the w1Das package gain low cost finance, reduced price annual insurance, maintenance, cleaning, and secure winter covered storage. We will even come and pick up your w1Da yacht when you want, and deliver it where and when it suits you including to two regattas in the UK or Ireland each year;

and store it securely under cover over the winter.

    The Lowest cost of ownership in its class, w1Da boats will keep their value better than fastdepreciating oneoff yachts. Mooring costs are lower for the w1Da 33 OOD because it can moor in less than 400mm of water. Boat yard fees are minimised because w1Da can be launched and recovered by its crew using their own car, when they like, without cranes or assistance.  Owners can take their yachts home, and can sail and park them anywhere they like and yet still Ocean race and cruise when and where they want to.

    More fun sailing + less time fixing= Getting Out More. The w1Da 33 OOD removes the One day fixing for every day sailing of older designs. No more repairing smelly noisy diesel engines and unreliable petrol outboards. No fan belts, impellers, gas bottles or cookers, antifouling cradles. With a light and strong easilyhandled rig, silent motor and domestic comfort the w1Da 33 OOD sets new standards for recreational sailing yachts.


The w1Da 33 00D will be available for demonstration in Chichester Harbour and around the UK

from October 2015.  Please contact us to arrange your appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When can I buy one?

W1Da enters production next month (from 1st October 2015) and yachts can be delivered in December 2015.


Q. How much does w1Da cost?

The w1Da 33 OOD can be leased, time-­‐shared or bought-­‐ see our staff.

The purchase price for a complete Yacht starts from £122,000 plus VAT. (See

Specification and Options).


Q. What does w1Da stand for?

It stands for Wild Atlantic One Design. The yacht is designed to enable the w1Da

sailor to have fun on a yacht that is safe, swift and stable on the Wild Atlantic Way along the west coast of Ireland, and in any ocean, including the seas around the coast of the UK, and worldwide.


Q. What EU Recreational Craft Directive Category is the w1Da 33 OOD? A. The w1Da 33 OOD meets the highest category A (Ocean). Certification is applied for and is expected in October 2015.


Q What do you mean “Ocean One Design”?

“Ocean One Design” means that all the yachts are made in an identical fashion

using the same materials, quantities and dimensions. W1Da moulds are based on computer numerically controlled precision patterns that guarantee that the

shape of all structural items are identical across the entire length to less than one

tenth of a millimetre. The Class Association rules require exactly the same spars, fittings, sails, facilities and features to enable racing to be carried out on a level basis.


Q. What Batteries are used in the w1Da 33OOD?

A. W1Da 33 OOD features fourth generation Lithium batteries that are safely enclosed and secured in waterproof compartments in the lower parts of the centre of the yacht, where they enhance stability.

Unlike previous lithium cells, fourth generation batteries are already widely used in automotive and larger marine applications and off-­‐grid houses and remote outstations. They do not generate excess heat and are fully insulated, safely isolated and meet all current regulations. They are sealed in strong structures. If they are accidently damaged they are “fail-­‐safe” and emit no gases, odours, flammable or hazardous substances. They work continuously and are

individually and automatically sensed; temperate monitored; balanced; charged

and discharged optimally in automatically controlled systems. They can be remotely monitored using Internet services. They can work in any orientation and can be tilted, inverted without any losses or hazard. They are less than one quarter of the weight and size of older Lead Acid cells and require no toping up with water or any other substance. Our batteries will last over fifteen years under normal usage. Each cell with an integrated system can be individually monitored, replaced, repaired and recycled. Sailors are not required to carry out any routine or non-­‐routine maintenance on them during the sailing season.

Q. What about Battery Life, Range, Usage?

A. The Batteries provide enough energy for more than ten hours of propulsion at

cruising speed, even in the dark and windless conditions. Recreational sailors are able to sail as they do in diesel-­‐powered yachts at the weekends and during the week. When they are elsewhere working the yacht continues to regenerate using only renewable sources and recharges the batteries, much like electric cars. Unlike electric cars including the Tesla, the w1Da 33 00D does not need to be plugged into an external source of energy, because it can generate enough power from its wind, solar and water based systems to keep the battery fully charged under normal usage. It can, of course, also be charged by a conventional 240v mains supply such as those found at a marina, boat yard, workshop, home or car, or portable generator.


Q. What does the w1Da 33 OOD rate under IRC

A. A rating has not yet been assigned. We expect a competitive provisional rating

shortly. As a strict One Design class, we will arrange for a class rating for this adhering to the strict “One Design” rules of the class


Q. What/Who is w1Da Experience Limited?

W1Da Experience Limited is an independent company that is a research-­‐driven

specialist provider of marine and environmental recreational services, products and events. We make boats and are based in Westport, Mayo, Ireland on the shores of the beautiful Clew Bay, part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Our team and advisors includes

    Race-­‐winning sailors at local, national and international (Commodore’s

Cup) and Olympic level

    Experts in structural composites, finite element analysis and advance fabrications and material from the marine and aeronautic sectors

    Environmental specialists, that know systems, measurement and production, from the automotive, and construction sectors as well as the marine sector

    Energy and electric system design and testing of solar, wind, and water based generation, regeneration, propulsion and control

    Engineering production, with over twenty years experience in automotive production and establishing production quality control.

    Research and development including joint developments with the University of Cork Beaufort Institute, assisted by Enterprise Ireland; and the Irish Composites Board, based at the University of Limerick

    Primary Market research and event management using techniques proven in the IT and consumer sectors

    Hundreds of cruising and racing sailors who were kind enough to contribute to our ongoing market research, including those from Mayo Sailing Club, the West of Ireland Offshore Racing Association, the Irish Cruiser Racing Association and the RORC

    W1Da Experience Limited has received support from Mayo County

Council for Feasibility and Development

Q. Who designed the w1Da 33 OOD?

The w1Da 33 OOD concept, specification and design are developed and owned by w1Da Experience Limited, based in Mayo, Ireland. The detailed design was carried out by Guy Whitehouse of Whitehouse Design in Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK (see


Q. What Options, Extras and Extensions are available?

A comprehensive range of optional packs allow buyers to customise and

configure their own boat to suit their requirements and enhance their sailing enjoyment. These will be launched shortly.


Q. How powerful is the motor?

The specially developed synchronous motor developed by w1Da generates 6kw

of power (equivalent to 10-­‐15hp from a conventional diesel engine). It provides full torque at ZERO Revs. New owners may need to adjust their approach slightly to handle the high acceleration safely.


Q. About W1Da, the Company

W1Da Experience Limited is a research-­‐driven manufacturing and marine events

company that is owned by private investors and is based in Westport, Mayo, Ireland on the shores of beautiful Clew Bay, part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Its team includes internationally recognised yacht designers, proven yacht builders, experienced production engineers, specialist component providers, successful yacht racers and people that enjoy racing and cruising yachts.


Q. How does the Motor Work?

A. The W1Da 33 OOD features a unique motor, which is a development of electric motors that has been deployed successfully for more than five years in Germany. RIM drives have been used in large naval and commercial ships for more than twenty years. All benefit from having only one moving part-­‐ the rotor, which is driven by a motor of the same type used in domestic appliances, but of a higher quality.

The RIM drive propels water through its rim, works in shallow water and is significantly less prone to catching ropes, plastic bags, seaweeds and other items that frequently paralyse conventional shaft and outboard motors. It uses no oil, or petrol or diesel and does not need routine maintenance during the sailing season. Compared to conventional yacht engines it is very quiet, and almost silent in normal usage.


Any Other Questions? Contact w1DA at, or call 01753 892015 (UK), or 098 37742 (Ireland) or see our website



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