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Cristian Condurache Joins Midnight Express As Operations Manager

Midnight Express today announces that Cristian Condurache has joined the innovative powerboat builder as its Operations Manager, supervising day-to-day operations of its production and service facilities. A pivotal role requiring exceptional communication and management skills, Cristian joins Midnight Express to enhance the builder’s reputation of providing breakthrough, performance powerboat technology and proven customer service that keeps Midnight Express clients, their friends and families enthralled.

In an increasingly global boating marketplace, Cristian’s international experience—and multilingual proficiency in six languages—enhances Midnight Express’ exceptional customer service experience. A mechanical engineer with advanced education in manufacturing, business administration, project management and design-based computer software, Cristian is equally proficient in the nuances of operations and logistics. His dossier includes such market leaders as MAPEI (from 2004-2014), Degussa Construction Chemicals, SKW-MBT and Master Builders, Inc of Montreal (the three having merged during Cristian’s employ from 1992-2004).

“The role of operations manager is perhaps the most pivotal position in our company, blending planning, implementing and managing in an exacting way all the facets of our demanding drive toward continuing innovation designed to improve our customer’s experience,” says Harris Glaser, Midnight Express Vice President. “Cristian’s rare blend of engineering acumen and compelling personality makes him ideal.”

Known for its powerful and elegant boats—building 10 models ranging from 34’-60’—Midnight Express continually engineers construction innovations like its Resin Infusion Process (RIP). Midnight Express’s RIP technology is incorporated on all hulls and decks, incorporating layers of woven fiberglass positioned in a closed mold where resin and catalyst are pumped in under pressure while a vacuum is applied at other points of the closed mold. The flow of resin is thereby carefully controlled, allowing an exact resin-to-fiberglass ratio. As a result, hulls and decks are significantly stronger and lighter structures. Midnight Express also includes stringers and bulkheads in the closed mold so that they are infused into the hull and deck creating a single molded composite—a true monocoque structure with unparalleled strength.

“From design and engineering through new and preowned sales, we are committed to providing our employees and customers alike with solutions to their requests and expectations,” says Harris. “With his extensive background, we are honored Cristian has joined Midnight Express to further propel technologies like RIP that we define and refine while ensuring efficient collaboration and coordination at our facility to create the foundation of the Midnight Express experience.”



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